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  • GD4472, 14 X24ft Garage

GD4472, 14 X24ft Garage

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  • Item:GD4472;

    Product Name: 14 x 24ft Garage;

    Galvanized Tube:0.3mm color steel,Strong roof-beam;

    40 x 60mm Galvanized Supporting;

    Overall Size(cm): W437 x D720 x H325;

    Internal Size(cm): W417 x D685 xH320;

    Door size(cm): Front door 255 x 220 cm(not include);

    2 Hinged doors:73 x 195cm;

    Eaves High(cm): 230cm;

    Wind rating: up to 82km/h

    Snow load rating(static,evenly distributed): Up to 219Kg/m2

    Colour :Cream ,Rivergum,Ironsand

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  • GD4472, 14 X24ft Garage

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1.This Garage will keep your vehicles,machinery and supplies protected from outside elements;

2.The Color power coated steel provides water and rust resistance for it's lifetime;

3.Super strong galvanised steel construction with high-tensile box and band tubing withstands moderate to high wind conditions.

4.The garage for your car or boat, a massive storage shed,a games room for the kids,a gym,or your own personal man cave,this huge garage offers a variety of solutions to a variety of needs.


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